Are You Looking to Make Money in Forex Markets?

Gold and silver trading at Forex markets is something that more traders are beginning to take an interest in. As the two precious metals have risen in value over the past few years, so too have the amount of gold and silver they are bought in by, and the number of Forex dealers that deal […]

Is it Important to Trade AUDUSD Over the Counter?

Is it Important to Trade AUDUSD Over the Counter? The United Kingdom’s Forex Market is known as the London Stock Exchange (LSE). The forex market is a foreign exchange market that is traded over the counter (OTC). The forex market is the largest global financial market in the world with over two trillion dollars in […]

What Are Forex Demo Accounts?

If you are a beginner in the foreign exchange market, or you are just looking to start in this field, you need to know what Forex demo accounts are and how you can use them. This article will help you understand these accounts. With Forex, the trading is done on the basis of pairs of […]

Common Currency Pair

The first step in finding an investment strategy for a Forex trading strategy is to identify the currency pair to trade. Currency pairs are broken down into two major categories: Major Currencies and Minor Currencies. In addition, there is also the International Currencies. There are many variations on each of these categories, but most currencies […]

Why Use Demo Accounts For Beginners?

Demo accounts Forex have always been popular and still remain popular to this day. It is a type of market, where traders make the trades without actual money. The traders can see how well they are doing in the market, thus they can decide whether or not they want to trade forex. Demo accounts Forex […]

Gold and Silver Trading at Forex

Gold and Silver Trading at Forex Gold and silver are strong commodities in their own right and should be considered when it comes to investing in the currency markets. The real advantages to this trading are that you can benefit from a number of different types of returns, as well as being able to use […]

If you want to use the Euro to the US Dollar, you should check AMDPOP. AMDPOP is the difference between the Euro and the US Dollar. It is a measure of the euro’s dependency with the US dollar. Choosing Between AUDUSD and GBPUSD – Why Do I Need a Currency Converter?

The latest official exchange rate between the British Pound and the United States Dollar is the Australian Dollar to the US Dollar. AUDUSD or Australian Dollar to US Dollar is used as a trading currency for investors around the world. The official exchange rate refers to the value of one Australian Dollar against the US […]

Reasons To Use Forex Demo Accounts For Beginners

Reasons To Use Forex Demo Accounts For Beginners Trading Forex demo accounts have been gaining popularity as a simple way to gain experience before you decide to go the whole hog and go into trading. Also known as real money trading account, a demo account for beginners can be very beneficial in many ways. There […]

AUDUSD or EURUSD – What Should I Know About Them?

The AUDUSD and the EURUSD are the two primary exchange rates of the currencies of Australia and the United Kingdom. Both the pairs have their pros and cons. The United Kingdom and Australia are two of the largest and most complex countries in the world and they are large economies. Since their economies are larger […]

Using Demo Accounts For Beginners

Today, one of the newest ways of generating online income is by using demo accounts for beginners in Forex market. These accounts are not offered by any trading firm or the brokerages. They are available for free on the internet and all that a trader has to do is register and deposit money into the […]