How to Trade the AUDUSD Currency Pair


The AUDUSD currency pair is heavily influenced by Australia and the US, two countries with close economic ties. Australia receives over $860 billion in US investment, and the US’s trade with Australia has increased by nearly nine times since the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement came into effect in 2005. Despite these close ties, the AUDUSD currency pair can be volatile and fluctuate wildly. The following are some common factors to keep in mind when trading this currency pair:

AUD/USD is testing its weekly support in the 0.7000 price area. After a recent retracement to 0.72700, price began its downtrend and could continue to trend downward if it breaks this support area. Before making a trade, wait for the EU market to open to assess a possible break of the structure. Until then, it is best to remain calm and wait for the market to open before attempting to predict its direction.

AUDUSD is a popular currency pair with traders worldwide. Despite being a small country, Australia has plenty of valuable commodities, and its geographic location makes it an ideal trading partner with Asian nations. Interest rates and the economy of Australia are relatively stable. Traders can use an array of trading vehicles to trade this pair. But if you’re not a professional in the field, you should consider the nuances of this currency pair before trading it.

The AUDUSD is particularly volatile during the hour before midnight and between 1200 and 1700 GMT. Similarly, the NZDUSD is most active between 1200 and 1700 GMT, and is also quite volatile between 0700 and 1800 GMT. The EURJPY and NZDUSD have similar trading conditions. For example, both currencies experience heightened volatility between 1200 and 1700 GMT. In general, the AUDUSD and NZDUSD trade at the same time.

The AUDUSD has been a popular currency pair for investors since the early 2000s. The growth in commodities in Australia and the United States made this currency pair increasingly popular. The AUD/USD has been used as a carry trade vehicle, allowing individuals to speculate on price movements and profit from the low interest rates. And it has a number of other benefits, which is why it is a popular currency pair. It has a cyclical nature and offers excellent trading opportunities.

The US economy has several facets that affect the AUD/USD. Its trade relations with other nations in Asia are a huge influence on the AUD/USD currency pair. The difference in interest rates is another important factor that influences the AUD/USD currency pair. A higher Australian rate will make the Australian dollar more attractive, but a lower U.S. interest rate will make it less attractive. A hawkish RBA statement may mean higher interest rates for Australia, making the AUD/USD more volatile.

Higher commodity prices support the AUDUSD, and the Energy and Material sectors of the ASX200 are also boosted by these higher prices. However, despite these positive indicators, there are still some risks associated with day trading this currency pair. There are many underlying economic factors, including interest rates and geopolitical factors. Further, you must consider currency correlations. While the AUD/USD is negatively correlated with USD/CAD, USD/CHF, and USD/JPY, it has a positive correlation with the Canadian dollar, which is also resource-dependent.

AUDUSD is a popular currency pair in the forex market. The Aussie currency is heavily influenced by commodity prices, and therefore is known as the “Aussie”. It is the fourth most traded pair in the forex market, and its volatility in the Asian trading sessions encourages traders to invest in it. When the Australian dollar is strong, it will often fall against the US dollar. In the meantime, the AUDUSD currency pair will strengthen, providing a steady income for those who can afford it.

The Australian dollar is the official currency of Australia. The currency was introduced in 1966, replacing the non-decimated Australian pound. The Australian economy is one of the world’s most stable and prosperous nations. Its AAA Debt Rating highlights the country’s political and economic stability. Before beginning to trade with the AUDUSD currency pair, it is important to understand the role of the US dollar. The US dollar represents 25% of global nominal GDP.